Wednesday, April 22, 2009

IT'S UPON US – say NO to HR-669!

As we commented on a little while back, the House Resolution #669 anti-exotic animal bill is going to be voted tomorrow, April 23. There's still time to act and make your voice heard if you have any idea what this bill would do to your animal ownership rights.

Once again: if you are an animal-lover and owner, this concerns YOU. If you possess any animal(s) that's labeled as an "exotic" animal, this especially concerns YOU. Anyone with a bird, mouse or rat, hamster or guinea pig, iguana or chameleon, turtle, snake, parrot or parakeet, gerbil or fennec fox, and countless others – ANY animal that isn't strictly native to the U.S. – is under direct threat from this bill. If passed, it could illegalize all ownership, breeding and transportation of exotic animals in America. Your animals would be taken away from you, and entire industries could suffer from the banning of common and crucial animals in the pet-trade and -care business.

Visit this site (NO HR that's at the center of the struggle for freedom and justice, follow any links you can and do anything recommended that you're able to – stop the bill!

The government is seriously overstepping its bound. We as animal-lovers cannot allow this horrendous bill to pass through the House vote. You MUST act NOW. Come tomorrow, it will be too late, and history will have been made – for either the better, or the worse.


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