Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Farah: Obama wants to continue Hitler's "final solution" and kill teh Jewz

Even for the magnificently paranoid WorldNutDaily, this is one of the most downright insane – and least coherent – columns I've ever read. Joseph Farah, already well-known for being a seriously deficient nutcase and general ignoramus, tries to set up an argument that he's broken a "code" in Obama's speech at Buchenwald, one of the final frontiers for Hitler's regime and Jew suppression efforts, and that Obama was actually saying that the "final solution" should be finished. Or something. Seriously, it's deliriously wacked.

The speech was delivered at Buchenwald, one of the most notorious concentration camps operated by Nazis, a place where some 56,000 people, mostly Jews, were murdered in what Adolf Hitler hoped would be the "final solution" to the "Jewish problem."

This is the shockingly unbelievable line that struck my attention - one that was in such poor taste that it couldn't possibly have survived scrutiny by competent speechwriters and editors unless there was some intention behind it: "We are here today because we know this work is not yet finished."

Now, don't tell me I am taking this line out of context. I know I am. I understand the context - that the fight continues against those who deny the Holocaust.

At least he admits (for now) that he's taking the line ridiculously out of context. But wait 'til you see what sort of delusional and entirely incoherent argument he then illustrates in trying to show how Obama secretly did mean that Hitler's "final solution" should be carried out to eradicate the Jews. It's positively mind-numbing.

In his major address to the Muslim world last week, Obama seemed to be speaking in code - whether he or his speechwriters knew it.

He said: "As the Holy Quran tells us, 'Be conscious of God and speak always the truth.'" On the surface, this seems innocent enough. But those of us who understand Islam, have studied it, reported on it and analyzed it, understand context, too.

Obama was reading from chapter 9 verse 119 of the Quran. The very next passage continues: "Neither the dwellers of the city, nor the Arabs around them, shall seek to stay behind the messenger of Allah [when he mobilizes for war]. Nor shall they give priority to their own affairs over supporting him. This is because they do not suffer any thirst, or any effort, or hunger in the cause of Allah, or take a single step that enrages the disbelievers, or inflict any hardship upon the enemy, without having it written down for them as a credit. Allah never fails to recompense those who work righteousness."

That is the context of this seemingly innocuous quotation that is actually revered by jihadists worldwide.

So, I ask you, am I really taking Obama's words at Buchenwald out of context? Or am I the only one seeing them in context?

No ... you're just downright insane. Your argument is ... what exactly? That an unrelated speech Obama gave a while previously contained a quote, which in its proper context (ie. in the actual Quran) was followed by a segment that Obama neither read nor even referred to, and that that – somehow – translates as to Obama truly meaning, when he said that "this work is not yet finished", that the Jews should be killed?

... What the fuck? I mean – seriously, I can't make heads or tails of it.

But then – you managed to break a code that neither Obama, nor his speech-writers, even knew was there ... That's a sign of your impressive intellect and analytical skills, I suppose, right?


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