Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just one step away from being declared an extraterrestrial, Obama is

If you thought all the idiots claiming President Obama is ineligible for presidency because he's supposedly not a true American citizen were crazy enough (and they are), one is now trying to raise the ante of stupid even higher. Philip Berg, who's actually a Democrat from Pennsylvania (what the heck? An Obama-birth-denialist who's not a right-wing wingnut?) and has tried numerous times to challenge Obama's eligibility to occupy the White House under the Constitution, now has a new one: Obama illegally usurped his position as an Illinois senator in order to defraud the U.S. Treasury because he was ... an illegal alien.

I guess it doesn't even do to say he's not a True AmericanTM anymore. Now, he's just another foreigner who jumped over some fences and waded through some rivers to find work and residence, illegally, in the U.S. My, how the delusion holds firm.

Philip Berg, the Democrat from Pennsylvania who has pursued three legal challenges to Barack Obama's eligibility under the Constitution to occupy the Oval Office, says he'll appeal a judge's ruling in a case that until now had been under court-ordered seal.

Berg said in an announcement on his website documenting his challenges that the case under seal now can be discussed after it was dismissed and he's decided to appeal.

The action cited the False Claims Act and accused Obama of defrauding the United States Treasury "by illegally being a U.S. senator from Illinois as Obama is an Illegal Alien, not a U.S. Citizen," the website said.

Berg filed the action against Obama and after months of delay Attorney General Eric Holder's staff confirmed its decision not to pursue an investigation.

The dismissal came from a federal judge in Washington this week.

"A False Claims Act [FCA] case is when a person has knowledge that another party has obtained money from the government based on a false claim," Berg's website explained. "In this instance, in order to be a United States senator, you must be a United States citizen for nine [9] years. Obama is not a United States citizen and therefore, usurped the office of U.S. senator for Illinois and obtained payment from the U.S. Department of the Treasury based on his false statements that he was a U.S. citizen and constitutionally eligible to serve the position of United States senator."

Berg later states he has "overwhelming evidence" that Obama was ineligible to be senator – none of which actually exists, I'm sure, or makes the least amount of sense, and none of which anyone else has ever seen, naturally – and that Obama therefore received a salary and benefits that totaled "nearly $1 million dollars". Sorry Berg, but until or unless you present actual evidence and not some hooky craziness you claim somehow proves your viewpoint, no-one is ever gonna look at your case for more than a few seconds before filing it away, stamping it with a big red "CRAYZEE" stamp, and dismissing you as a general twit. Which seems to be what's happening, no?

Seriously, not being a "natural-born American" isn't good enough? Now he has to be an illegal alien? What's next – an illegal space-alien? He'd still be as ineligible ... though perhaps he could descend with some wickedly cool rayguns and melt these idiots so the rest of us wouldn't have to deal with them any longer. Hmm ...


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