Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maybe you shouldn't have tried to proselytize your beliefs, Johnnie-boy

John Freshwater, an Christian Ohio school teacher, was fired after he was accused of teaching Christianity in his classroom. You know, "classroom", that place that is supposed to be purely secular unless it's Bible Studies or whatever, the place where religious teachings simply have no place unless they're specifically called for? Well, now the good Xian is suing the school district for – holy shit – one million dollars. I wonder if he actually thinks he's gonna get it.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio school teacher fired over accusations that he preached Christianity in class says in a $1 million lawsuit that his free speech and civil rights were violated.

John Freshwater, an eighth-grade teacher in Mount Vernon, northeast of Columbus, also says he was harassed because of his religion, was defamed and suffered a hostile work environment.

The lawsuit against the school board and school administrators was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Columbus.

The Mount Vernon school board fired Freshwater last year, citing an internal investigation that found he had preached his Christian beliefs in class.

Freshwater was also accused of using a scientific device to burn a cross image onto a student's arm and of keeping a Bible on his desk.

I really wonder what the hell that's supposed to mean, "using a scientific device to burn a cross image onto a student's arm". Could I smell the potential for a lawsuit against assault here?

This guy really is nuts if he actually thinks he has the slightest chance of milking a million bucks from a school district, when they fired him for preaching to a choir that couldn't less want to be preached to.


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