Friday, June 12, 2009

A poll for your feelings about the little Letterman-Palin scandal here ...

Did Letterman go too far, or should Palin (and the rest) just lighten up and take it for what it was – a jest?

Should David Letterman apologize for comment about Sarah Palin's daughter?

  • Yes. Letterman went over the line. Politicians are fair game for late-night humor, but their families should be off-limits, as should underage women. – 54.6% (46,315)
  • No. Gov. Palin needs to lighten up. Letterman’s remark was clearly intended in jest; it was not meant to invite abuse to young women. – 45.4% (38,515)
  • Total votes: 84,830
    Numbers taken at around 4 PM.

    Tip that in the right direction, will ya?


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