Friday, June 26, 2009

This guy may need to have his head checked

I've just strolled upon Atheism is Dead, the charming anti-atheism blog (as the name so subtly implies), and a recent post about New York city buses that now sport pro-atheism banners from New York City Atheists, reading:

You don't have to believe in God to be a moral and ethical person

Compare this to the previous bus ad campaign (the one I blogged about months ago) which actively promoted the leaving of religion, and you'll agree they are quite tame and noninvasive. But that's not the case in Mariano's mind, as he/she goes on and on (and on) about atheism being a sect, and even about atheism supposedly possessing "vast amounts of money". Yeah, we're bleedin' rich, we are. *Burns paper dollar bill in irony*

Ken Bronstein offered the obligatory cognitively dissonant statement which has been a requirement of atheists PR campaigns in stating that they sought to…

find a statement that we thought was positive, it wasn’t bashing religion and it wasn’t huge…They’re not attacking or disparaging the Church as far as I can see.[1]

Well, my dear sir, keep looking further than you can presently see from deep within your well within the box atheist group think. “You don’t have to believe in God” is not attacking or disparaging the Church? Alrighty then.

I literally said "what?" reading this. Are you kidding me? How the heck can a statement a peaceful as "You don't have to believe in God to be a moral and ethical person", possibly be interpreted to be oppressive or offensive towards the Church? Where's the insult, or the argument against the Church?

Unless, of course, any writing that so much as says that you don't have to believe in God, that it's not a law, is interpreted as "attacking or disparaging the Church". Which actually makes more sense now, knowing it's exactly how the minds of these weirdos work.

The rest of the post is blatant ignorance coupled with a fine infusion of pure stupidity, and I have no interest in dissecting it, no matter how pathetic or laughter-inducing the result may be. You can read it, and point and snicker, for yourself.

In short: Mariano = FAIL.


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